Sports Day 2013

Our K-2 learners including my son had their Sports Day celebration last July 18-19,2013. My son belongs to yellow team. He wasn’t chosen as one of the players but they will be needed to cheer for the yellow team’s players. Too bad, I wasn’t able to witness the exciting games because I had class with my K-1 . I just visited my son during my break to check on him and gave his snacks and cold water. I hope next time I’ll be able to witness the games because I want to introduce unique Thai parlor games to others.

father and son are both in yellow team!
my son is tired already when I got to see him at 10 am
my son with his team mates…go..go..yellow team!


Sport’s Day in Thailand: The Muses

Sport’s Day here in Thailand is celebrated in extravagant and fashionable way specially the bouquets flowers and headpieces /headdresses! The following are the muses for each team of Woranarichaloem (where hubby works). They’re utilizing their school uniform and with a twist they made something unique . Now, that’s creativity!

the White team: pile of white roses as headress…sweet!
Pink team: pink feathery headress , gladiator heels and pink eye doodah…cool!
Orange team: I’m digging on her sun hat…perfect for hot,hot, sunny day!
Yellow team: sunflower hair accessory and earrings! Dashing and ravishing!
really Thai-ey piece of headress for purple team!

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Introduce your kid to sport shooting

Is it ok to teach kids to shoot?

I found the following video on youtube when I’m trying to contemplate if it’s educational to teach our kids to shoot. It’s a 7 year old sharp shooter using Sig 556 eotech516. It’s his first experience with a high power rifle, shooting paper plate group at 100 yards. He undergone hours of education before he squeezed off the first round.

Our father used to let us kids watched him and his brothers practiced shooting in our backyard on weekends. I’m interested on shooting. I believe that shooting gobbles up lots of hours, will draw closer child and parent, and will create wonderful memories. Shooting accurately will give any child confidence. Since shooting is an individual skill, a child does not have to compete with anyone but himself. If you have children that are small of stature, and are not going to be a basketball player , a football player or cheerleaders, shooting can provide them with a sport that does not require size or strength. Even children with learning disabilities can learn to shoot. Shooting teaches kids early on how to do things safely while having a great time. Just like in the martial arts, kids learn the responsible use of deadly weapons. And, shooting an air rifle or BBs can be done in your backyard, at the range or even inside your home.

I will surely add the shooting sports to my family’s list of activities in the coming days. The only way that this sport will endure is if we teach our children the how and why of safe shooting and responsible gun ownership.